Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions frequently asked about certain aspects of our programs. If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email us at any time.

email us or call (813) 571-0901

Questions About Tuition

When is tuition due?

For Students of Group Classes and Private Lesson Students:
Your tuition payment is due on or before the first day of each month. If we receive your payment after the first there will be a $15 fee on the 8th.

Please note that we do not send out bills. We will email, if provided to us, or postal mail you a reminder notice if we have not received your payment by the 1st of the month.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express on the web through our login at you may pay online or we can process your card at the school.

Why is my tuition the same each month whether there are three, four or five classes in a month?

For Group Dance or Theatre Classes:
Our annual tuition is a yearly tuition amount divided into ten equal payments. We plan for each class to meet 36 times between the day we start in August and our final day of classes in June. In fact, we build extra classes into our schedule so that we don't have to worry about scheduling make-up days if we have to close because of bad weather, or some other unforeseen situation.  The number of classes in each month will vary, however, based on holidays and the calendar.

For Private Lessons (Piano, Voice or Guitar) :
Our private lesson tuition is based on per lesson charge. Each lesson is charge individually and the parent may pay for the entire semester upfront or 5 monthly installments.

Suppose my child decides he/she doesn't like it? Can I drop at any time? Do I still have to pay the tuition for the entire year?

You may withdraw from any or all classes at any time by giving written notice to the office no later than the end of the month. If written notice is not received by the end of the month, you are obligated to pay the next month's tuition payment.

Questions About The Spring Performance

What if my child decides he/she doesn't want to be in the performance?

For Dance and Theatre students, participation in our end-of-the-year performances is not mandatory. As long as you give us written notice by December 10th that your child will not be performing, you will not be required to pay the performance fee. However, if you tell us after that time, then you will be required to pay the performance fee, even if your child is not in the show.

For Music students, there is one recital at the end of the Fall and Spring Semester.

Questions About Classes

Why are your dress codes so strict?

Part of the educational value of the arts is in the self-discipline required to participate.  A proper dress code while in class allows students to focus on the technique of art form and less on their appearance. The dress code for each class and level is designed to provide each student the best possible learning environment.

Can I wait while my child is in class, or do I have to leave?

You are welcome to wait while your child is taking class. We have a well-appointed lobby, and observation windows for each studio.  We just ask that you use common sense while watching classes through the windows. Do not tap on the class or wave at your child - it can be distracting to both the instructor and the students. Keep in my mind that some students do not like being watched, whether it is their own parent, or someone else. If you see the students are being distracted, just back away from the window.

When do you start registering students for classes?

Registration for our summer programs begins in March. Registration for annual classes usually begins about mid-April or early May.

What if I miss a class? Can I make it up?

Of course you can. Any missed class may be made up in any other class of the same or lower level. Please check with the Front Desk for the appropriate times and days. However, no refunds or reductions are made for missed classes. Classes may not be made up in classes at a higher level than the student is currently enrolled.

What If I'm late for class?

We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable for all of us. However, a student who is more than five minutes late for class may be asked to observe rather than take the class. The final decision is at the discretion of the instructor. This is not a disciplinary measure, but is done with the student's best interests in mind - especially where higher-level classes are concerned. A student who misses the first few exercises runs the risk of injury by not being properly "warmed up."

For what holidays do you close?

We close for the following holidays:
Thanksgiving (we close for the entire week);
Winter Break (we close for two weeks based on the Hillsborough County school schedule);
Spring Break (we close for a week, based on the Hillsborough County school schedule);

Questions About Our Early Childhood Program

Are children always placed in classes according to their age?

We initially place children in classes according to their age. However, if we feel that the student needs to be in another level, we will place the child accordingly. Our desire is for each child to be challenged and engaged in each class.  A class that is too difficult can be frustrating for a student and could potentially harm them.  If a student demonstrates their ability and mastery of the content of a particular art form and level, the teacher has full discretion to allow that student to move up.  The health and well being of each student is always out #1 concern.

Do children in the Early Childhood Program take part in a performance at the end of the year?

Yes. All students at Theatre Arts and Dance Alliance are encouraged, but not required, to participate in our Student Concert near the end of the school year. We create a professional and entertaining performance mixing all art forms and featuring Ballet in a “full-length” concert piece so that all of our students understand that dance and the arts is not just putting on a costume and "doing a dance" or “singing a song.” The Concert is an integral part of the arts educational experience for each student.  This is their opportunity to shine.

What happens after the Early Childhood Program is completed?

As children complete the Pre-Leveled Program requirements, students move into the Upper Leveled program where they progress into more formal technique and training for each art form. Please see our detailed descriptions of each art form and technique on the Programs page.

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